Orange Blossom Class with Bethany Miller of Plum Easy Patterns

We had a blast on March 25th, here at the Nest!  We learned how to make easy curves to create a block that looks challenging but is quite simple with the technique laid out to us by Plum Easy Patterns! We also utilized a stencil tool.  Take a look at these beautiful photos from the class!

Bethany was an excellent teacher and we will have another class with her in the future!  The Plum Easy Pattern is called Boston Uncommon and it utilizes their Half-Hexie ruler and 2.5" strips.  Should be fun and educational! 

You can visit the website for Plum Easy HERE!

With love from the Nest,


Sierra Quilt Guild Quilt Show 9-17/18-2016

Wow! What a great weekend!  Our very first event as a quilt shop was a 100% success!  

As a shop, having a retail booth requires a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and preparation.  We did our best to anticipate the needs and wants of our lovely audience.  We had to work through the feelings of being newbies in such a well-established venue.  We had the anxious anticipation building and the unrealistic fears... what if we forget the signs, what if we don't have enough petty cash, what if we under perform..... I would like to tell you all that none of those fears came to be!!  Literally every aspect of the show went off without a hitch!

Most importantly we were able to meet so many new faces! The joy of the face-to-face interaction was amazing.  Our email list grew by leaps and bounds, (if you were one of those who had to scrounge for a place to write on a tacky notepad, we thank you) once entered you are considered a VIP to QNQC! Check your in-boxes. We confirmed the rumors; Yes! there IS a NEW shop coming to Sonora, CA.  We talked, joked, and laughed with happy quilters and it was a weekend we'll never forget. 

Thank you for your support!