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December Additions

We just realized that I did not post the Holiday Project reveal photo.  Here it is.  The 5th Give-A-Way has a complete pattern, felt, twine, and even the stick to hang your elf with the tall hat. 
I will include these blocks in the December 50% off sale.                         

Also, there is still a contest to create a pattern for this panel.  It is from the Northcott Bearly Xmas line.
The pattern is worth a $25.00 Gift Certificate plus a show entry fee.  The winning quilt designer would be awarded a $50.00 Gift Certificate and 2 show entry fees.   (Not to exeed $15.00)
I will honor this contest up to a year from now.  If someone comes in with a pattern or quilt (Ha!) before this Christmas then they win, but if no one does submit a pattern or quilt with a pattern this year, then I will honor it by Saturday, November 14th of 2020.

GIFT CERTIFICATES CAN BE PURCHASED OVER THE INTERNET.  GO TO and see where you buy a gift certificate.  I will receive an email with the information here at the shop.  Several people did buy them this way last year.

Thanks for reading my additions to the Newsletter,
Susan Florez
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