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Quail's Nest Crowns the Issues

                                                  FOR YOUR SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE:
          Quail's Nest Quilt Co., LLC  is taking every precaution it can to ensure your safety.

          1.  We will wipe down the check out counter after every transaction.
          2. We will wipe down all fixtures after every customer use.
          3.  Tables and restrooms will be wiped down after each use as well.
          4.  Employees will not come to work sick.
          5.  We encourage all who feel ill to stay at home.
          6.  Tissues will be available around the shop for use if an unexpected sneeze or cough should


  If you feel uncomfortable coming to the shop at some point,  please call us with a purchase request and we will process it over the phone; then drive to the shop parking lot and call to say that you have arrived.  We will come out with your purchase.  We are willing to take pictures and text back and forth for product colors, etc.

  I am working to update our website for online purchasing.  This is minimal at this time.  Call 209-536-4009 for assistance.  My goal is to have the online shop working soon.  (Take this with a grain of salt.)

Classes and shopping will go on as usual for those who are willing and able to come by.

There will also be bad weather coming.  I will keep you posted about next Tuesday.  That may be the day with low snow.  I may close the shop, if it seems to be unsafe.

Let us know if there is anything else we should be aware of.

Susan, Patty, Annette, and Lois

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