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Quilting Amid the Coronavirus

Hi, everyone!  All classes have been cancelled at Quail's Nest Quilt Co., LLC at least until April 10th when the My Redwork Garden BOM class is scheduled to meet.  Of course, this date may not be far enough out either.  I will keep you posted.

I am working in the office.  Phone calls are answered during business hours (10:00-5:00) Tuesday-Saturday, but a message can be left anytime.  I can process purchases over the phone.  I have the Standard Post Office right next to me at Quail's Nest, so I can send out packages quickly. Curbside hand outs of purchases will occur with gloves on my hands, and disinfected bag handles. 

Support from customers have been coming in during the last few days.  It surprises me how active I have remained so far.  Your continued support will help Quail's Nest to stay afloat.

I am willing to provide a service for you.  I will prepare quilt backings, package fabric for a bag or quilt, deliver something if you live within 10 miles from the shop. 

Bless you during these challenging times, but remember we are Americans; resourceful, cooperative, and strong! 

Email me at   View the website.  Click on Newsletter, classes, calendar, etc.  Call the shop at 209-536-4009.  

There will be more messages from me soon,
Susan Florez
Managing Partner

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