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Quail's Nest Updates

Tuolumne County is on the list to move into "late stage 2" statis according to the roadmap to modifying the "stay-at-home" order.  The news seemed to indicate that this would possibly start this Saturday.   I have checked the government websites and Tuolumne County Facebook for guidelines.  A retail business like a "Quilt Shop", would be included in this stage.  I will continue to take orders over the phone, email, on the website, and by a one on one appointment until the day I can for sure move into Late Stage 2.  The change will be that I will increase the hours that I am at the shop.  Thursday I will stay until at least 3:00, Friday I will stay until 4:00, and hopefully, Saturday I will be available from 10:00-5:00 with lights on!

I will continue to keep you all informed.  Saturday, may be the first day that a limited number of local customers may come in with face masks, clean hands or gloves, and sew-cial distancing.  We will all stay 6 feet, or as quilters would say, "2 yards apart!" :) 

Classes will resume at a later time.  I am thinking that time may be June, but I will only have one person at a table.  This would mean that only three can attend a class at once.  I have thought that a second session of three more individuals may be the way to do this.

Sheer weight interfacing came in today, if anyone still needs this for mask making, let me know.  I have three types of black fabric arriving soon.  Hopefully, by Friday.  One is a solid black, one is a metallic black grunge, and a black dress grunge.  I have off white, bleached white, and a teal solid that arrived last week.  Bleached white, to my disappointment is not really a bright white like I wanted.
I am working on a Quilter's Dream batting order.

More Information will be coming out soon,
Susan Florez


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