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Shop Hop Information

                                                                    QUAIL'S NEST QUILT CO
                                                                  Quilted in a sand dollar, and shell motif.

 This is a picture of our finished Shop Hop Quilt.  Each shop will have a section to give away.  Many shops will have an Accessory Kit for sale.  They will cost around $5.00.  If you have cash for that kit, it will be $5.00 even. If you pay with a card, sales tax will be added.  The basic quilt ends just after the far right coconut. My Accessory Kit includes one surfboard, a sign post, a boogie board, and a beach quilt.
I have an EXTENSION Kit for sale. The pieced background is $16.00 for the fabric kit, and directions.  It is the full length of the quilt before borders.  The Accessory Kit for this addition is also $5.00.  My extension includes the Beach Hut, 3 surfboards, birds, and more leaves on the coconut tree.

Border Kits - Our Bermuda Batik Azure outer border with MM celery inner border (Regular sized) is $20.00
                    The larger border kit which includes the extension is $23.25

Please get a postcard with all of the shop addresses on it at the shop nearest to you.  Remember: No shop in Escalon.
Plan carpool groups.  If you miss a shop, call them after the Shop Hop and for around $10.00 the missing block can be sent to you.
Happy Hopping!
Susan Florez
Quail's Nest Quilt Co.,LLC
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